Quito - Mitad Del Mundo

I have put visiting Quito on hold for so long, it was about time I made my way up there. The capitol is filled with so much excitement and diversity. It has the hustle and bustle of your average city and the people still take time to enjoy a good night out. I loved watching a soccer game at a local sports bar at Plaza Foch followed by a night of dancing and great food. The following day I kept it more casual, starting my morning with a gentle yoga class at Dharma Yoga (taught in Spanish) and then enjoyed a wonderful light breakfast back at the hotel Casa Q. My brother and I decided to visit the famous "Mitad Del Mundo" site. I mean how cool is it to stand on the equator! After that, we ended the night a little more low key at Zazu. (Disclaimer: We did not realize how fancy this place was, I believe my brother tried to trick me on spoiling him. The food, however, was AMAZING). The following day (our last day) we spent our time visiting the beautiful Basilica del Voto Nacional  and walking around the city and exploring the beautiful architecture Quito has to offer. 

Quick Tips:

  • Quito is 9,350 ft above sea level, make sure to drink a lot of water and it helps to work on your breathing (i.e take a yoga class ;)
  • Quito is a big city, don't over estimate its size. I found Casa Q to be centrally located and the hotel staff was very helpful in arranging transportation.
    •  Taxi from the hotel to mitad del undo site costs around $15
    • Most other taxi rides to more local spots were around $2.00
  • Wear lots of sunscreen! Do not let the cloudy scenery fool you. 
  • Carry cash for taxi's (no high bills) and also for shopping. I did notice that 90% of shops that I went to accept credit cards. 
  • My next trip back, I plan to visit Cotopaxi. But if you have time I hear it is highly recommended. It was just a long drive for me, next time I will plan accordingly.