Your First Fitness Shoot

Your First Fitness Shoot

Let’s start off by saying how excited I am to be working with you. First, if I know you then this is going to be awesome. And if I don’t know you, it’s still going to be awesome but it might feel a little awkward ( not blind date awkward but normal awkward). Below is an outline of what I believe to help maximize our time together and get the best to help you brand your fitness journey.

Starting the shoot

Let’s work on building your portfolio with engaging headshots, casual poses, and content that is simple and eye-catching! These work great when you are blogging/”instagraming” content where you want to draw your followers eyes and also have them focus on your writing. Sharing your stories, schedule, motivation, all that good stuff!



These aren’t necessarily you getting into handstands or backbends. Think more jumping/ dancing/ running/ even failing at a yoga pose. Show your tribe how you move outside the studio, get a little messy and try something new.


Working the pose

Whether it’s yoga, personal training, running; let’s shoot the poses you teach on the reg. i like to get creative here with my editing, and tend to go for the darker/low lit themes, but let me know if your looking for a different vibe. before photography i started as a fitness instructor; teaching barre, cycling and yoga (i am ryt certified). i use my background to help you capure the pose in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and holds the integrity of the pose (bad form is no no)

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